Dining & Meal Plans

TCC students and employees can now purchase pre-paid meal plans. The plans are based on a per semester basis. There are three different tiers of meal plans to purchase.

Meal Plan Options

Meal Plan Cost Plus Bonus Dollars Total Spending Balance
Tier 1 $500 10% ($50) $550
Tier 2 $300 5% ($15) $315
Tier 3 $100 0% ($0) $100

When you purchase a Tier 1 or Tier 2 plan, you will receive additional bonus dollars. This will give you additional spending balance to use at any of the campus food service operations. The Tier 3 plan does not come with any additional bonus dollars.

Meal Plan Contract

Where and how can the Meal Plan be used?

Any of the Meal Plans can be used at any Grill, Perk, or Market location (on any campus) for food and beverage purchases. The Meal Plans can be used to pay for a guest's or your own meal. The Meal Plans cannot be used in vending machines or for catering.

How do you purchase a Meal Plan?

You can visit the Bursar Office at any of the four main campuses to purchase your meal plan. Choose the appropriate Tier plan for you and fill out the Meal Plan contract. Your student or employee account will be charged upon receipt of the Meal Plan contract. You must have TCC issued ID to utilize your Meal Plan. A new Meal Plan contract is required every semester you purchase new Meal Plan dollars. No new contract is required for unused carryover Meal Plan dollars.

Do the unused Meal Plan dollars carryover or expire?

Yes, unused Meal Plan dollars will carry over to subsequent semesters. Unused Meal Plan dollars will expire after 18 months of inactivity.

Can I receive a refund for unused Meal Plan dollars?

Refund requests can be submitted through the College’s Refund Petition Committee. To request a refund on your meal plan, please complete a Report It General & Classroom Complaint Report form. All requests will be reviewed on an individual basis.